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Ningxia Red for Eye Health

30 Days of Red - Baby Steps to Essential Oils Ningxia Red ChallengeHappy Labor Day! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday! We are on vacation in Colorado right now, but one thing we did not leave without were our bottles and packets of Ningxia Red!

Today, let’s look at some of the benefits of NR in the vision department.

In addition to a powerhouse of wonderful antioxidants (which can help fight against aging, disease, etc.), Ningxia Red is chock-full of Lutein and Zeaxanthin which are wonderful for the eyes and can be especially helpful for fighting against macular degenerations. Check out this wonderful story from

“I plan to drink Ningxia Red every day for the rest of my life!! Let me tell you why.

When I began to drink Ningxia Red, I drank it because it was a healthy natural food product with high anti-oxidant levels; but I did not remember to drink it every day. Before too long, I began to hear testimonials about real health improvements which many individuals attributed, at least partially, to drinkin

Ningxia Red for Eye Health

g Ningxia Red juice. One of these benefits is an improvement in visual acuity.

Several years before I found Ningxia Red, I had been diagnosed with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. For the twenty years prior to that, I had visual limitations from Fuch’s Dystrophy of the cornea. The end-result of Fuch’s Dystrophy is blindness, unless a cornea transplant is performed. Both eyes were eligible for cornea transplants and cataract removal. The surgery had been completed for one eye about a year before this point, and I needed to complete the healing phase before planning for surgery in the other eye. Though I could expect improvement in my vision from the surgeries, present still was the incurable Macular Degeneration which had blinded my mother.

Wolfberries for Eye HealthI noted that Ningxia Red contained high levels of the Lutein and Zeaxanthin which my eye doctor had recommended, in the form of special eye vitamins, to slow down the progression of the Macular Degeneration. Not only did Ningxia Red contain these two ingredients, but the Zeaxanthin and Lutein also were in the balance needed to maximize the health of the macula, which is the central part of the retina. And better yet — they were natural food substances, not synthetics from some laboratory.

Of course, I began to drink the Ningxia Red juice daily. It’s usually recommended that a person drink one or two ounces a day, and I began to drink two ounces a day. Slowly I increased the amount to the 5 or 6 ounces I now drink daily. I hoped that my eyesight would benefit from this wonderful juice, and I decided to be faithful in drinking it because it was healthy food, whether or not my vision improved. If my vision improved, I thought it would probably be a very slow process. Surprisingly, my eyesight began to improve much more quickly than I expected. In six months my vision was better.

After nine months of drinking Ningxia Red juice, faithfully taking Young Living’s True Source whole-food vitamins and Omega Blue, my Macular Degeneration was gone. At another time my doctor saw tiny white dots on my retina which he said are usually precursors for Macular Degeneration. At the latest visit, there again was no sign of Macular Degeneration. Even if the tiny white dots are seen again, it is still clear that my Macular Degeneration has reversed itself.

Further amazement came when both the ophthalmologist and the eye surgeon told me the cataract which had been eligible for surgery two years earlier was no longer advanced enough to need surgery. And regarding the Fuch’s Dystrophy of the cornea which had prompted a cornea transplant in one eye . . . the other eye was no longer bad enough for surgery! My vision continues to improve. At this point, my vision with glasses is 20/20 in the eye which had the cornea transplant and the cataract removal, and 20/25 in the eye without surgery. The non-surgical eye, which had formerly been awaiting surgery, no longer needs it. There is no Macular Degeneration in either eye.

I can drive again, after five years of not driving. I can read again for PURE PLEASURE, when I had given that up 20 years ago.

All this shows me how eating the healthiest foods and nutritional supplements we can manage (and thinking the healthiest, most optimistic thoughts) can give our bodies what they need to heal themselves. As for me, I try to remember that and to live my days in gratitude.” Beth Glass –

I love this story and the connection that is made between our eye health and the foods we eat. I think that a lot of times we “know” this (eat more carrots), but seeing and hearing actual stories are so helpful in truly believing that what we put into our bodies matters.
Bottom’s up and cheers to improved vision!

Chronic Kidney Infections and Childhood Trauma turned around with Young Living Essential Oils

team-story-blog-post-headerWhen I was eight years old I was getting very sick all the time. Every month or so my mom would take me to the doctor to get my fingers pricked and have some tests done. The doctors would always say something like “Oh, it’s probably a virus – she’s just going to have to wait it out.” And,”It might get worse before it gets better.” Some of them would put me on antibiotics just in case it was bacterial. This went on for about 10 month or so. Until one day my temperature had gotten very high. It was 106 to be exact which is very dangerous for anybody especially a child. This happened on a Saturday which meant I had to get a emergency appointment with a doctor out of town. That particular doctor said, “Something isn’t right, I think this is more than a virus.” She did some tests including a urine sample. In that test she found bacteria in my urine. She then took a ultrasound of my urinary tract and kidneys.

This is where the devastation set in.

6.10antibioticsAfter the results from my scan came back she told my parents that they found a large tumor on one of my kidneys. My parents were devastated. I can remember them being upset but wouldn’t tell me details. I knew something was wrong with me by the way they reacted. Because of my paranoia I wondered If I had cancer and they didn’t want to tell me. For anyone, that’s scary, but in my eight year old mind it was terrifying. They ended up taking me to a nephrologist (kidney doctor) in a big city three hours from home. That doctor ran some test and confirmed “I did not have a tumor on my kidney” and in fact that kidney that was thought to have a huge tumor was actually completely normal. It was the other kidney with the problems. My other kidney was actually damaged from scar tissue due to repeated bacterial infection after bacterial infection. A valve to that kidney was not functioning properly and it was causing me to get infections in my kidney (nephritis).


That doctor told us that valve “should fix its self as I get older” but that we needed to get a hold on these constant infections.

I was on an antibiotic for one year.

During that time, I peed in a cup more times than I can count and had my finger pricked for blood more times than I wanted, amongst other very uncomfortable procedures they had to do (like me being monitored while laying down peeing on a table and tubes being shoved in places they don’t belong).


The infections had stopped I got off the antibiotics and I was feeling better. The doctor told us that one day when I get older I might have to have that kidney removed if I start to get high blood pressure (or something like that). Fifteen years passed. I’m twenty four years old and married now. Like many sexually active women I got a urinary tract infection but what happened next was even worse: since I have a scarred (weak) kidney, that bacteria quickly made its way to my kidney which resulted in a infection in my kidney – again. This caused a whirlwind of emotions and bad memories that I didn’t realized I held onto. Not knowing for sure that it was a kidney infection (meaning I hadn’t had any tests done – just going by instinct and was pretty in tune with my body), I was trying several things like cranberry juice (even buying my own organic cranberries and juicing them), doing herbs and drinking lots of water. I was very health conscious at this point and knew a lot about my body, food/nutrients and was going full throttle on my journey to better health.

But this was beating me down physically and emotionally. I was having bad pain in my sides, “brain fog”, it hurt to have intercourse, besides that my sex drive was non existent and I was also becoming depressed.
I kept insisting on taking care of it myself because with all my experience with doctors and tests, I was done with that. Until one day I was having crippling, intense pain that put me on the ground. My husband rushed me a to an emergency doctor. They gave me a pain shot, and took a urine sample and said it was a UTI. I told them I had kidney problems when I was young and that I thought it was more kidney related. They said that they couldn’t do anything about that and all they can do is write a prescription for a antibiotic.


I cried and whined on the drive home. I DID NOT want to take yet another anti-biotic. Call me crazy, but I knew there had to be a better more natural way. Not only did I not like the thought of taking it because of the negative side effects it would have on my body but because the emotional trauma and memories that went along with that time in my life as a child.

My friends and family naturally were concerned, some of them warned me “this could get in your blood stream and you could die”. So, two days later out of fear I ended up taking that anti-biotic for one week. The pain I was having in my sides did seem to go away but the antibiotics brought along all its side affects – crawling/sensitive skin, insomnia and my mind felt like it was always racing (ugh). BUT my pain and infection felt like it went away, then when I was done with the round of antibiotic the infection came right back. So back to the doctor I went. A different antibiotic prescribed and another antibiotic I took. Same thing happened and back to the doctor again. They said, “It must be a really bad one. I’m going to give you strong anti-biotic that should really take care of it.”

I was so mad. “Why didn’t they give this to me in the first place?” I thought, instead of having me pay for and take the other antibiotics first. That confirmed to me that either they didn’t truly care about my well being or that all they knew how to do was write a prescriptions.

This is where I reached the end of my rope. I went out to my car, written prescription in hand put my head on the wheel and I said, “God, I can’t do this again.” I was worried and scared but I knew I couldn’t take another antibiotic. I felt comforted and sheepish with His response. “You need to stop. You have got to stop worrying and stressing. You are making yourself more sick. Don’t you know that I’m taking care of you? Trust Me.”

hes-got-thisTalk about a wake up call, talk about a loving Father. I might not of had a doctor that cared but I was reminded in that moment that I had a physician who cared greatly. He cared about my physical heath, my emotional health, my mind and my spirit. I felt such a peace to not have that prescription filled. I knew I needed to just relax, stop worrying and just stop thinking about it for the next few days. I decided that I would not focus on the negative and “what ifs’ and started focusing on the truth. God’s love for me and His power.

A few days passed with that mind set and guess what? I was feeling better. I wasn’t all better but my mind was where it needed to be which made a difference in the way I felt physically. After that a question came into my head that I hadn’t thought before “What if I tried these essential oils to get rid of my infection?” I had been using Young Living Essential Oils for a year or so at that time but only for more mild things like headaches, sore throats, 2nd degree burns, relaxation, etc. But never for something more serious like an infection. So I grabbed my Essential Oils Pocket Reference (which is basically a handbook for essential oils) and started researching. One of the recommendations was an oil blend called “Thieves” which I didn’t have at that time. I also was calling around my mentors and asking for testimonies with oils and kidney infections, searching on the internet, etc., although I had already placed my oils order before this so it was to late to add anything to that.

And then something really cool happened.

Young Living Thieves Essential OilMy oil order came in and guess what? There was a bottle of Thieves in the box that I DID NOT ORDER! It wasn’t on the receipt or anything. It was not a promotion it just “accidentally” got put in there. It was so exciting. I had faith that even if those oils wasn’t going to work God had used them to reassure me of His very real presence in my situation and in my life. That bottle of Thieves might as well have read on the bottle, “I’ve got this, I’m taking care of you. -God”. After a little more research, I gave these essential oils a shot using frankincense, lemon, Thieves and oregano. Four days in and not only was I feeling better, but I was experiencing a crazy amount of energy and zest – and I had forgotten about my kidney problem all together. A friend asked “Hey, Rachelle, hows your kidney thing going?” I said “Oh yeah, that. I guess it’s good.”

And it has been good from there on out. It’s now a year and half later and there have been a maybe two times I have felt bit of discomfort in my sides but all it took was a drop of frankincense under the tongue to bring things back into balance.


1. A HUGE part of being physically well is found in being mentally and emotionally well. What a man thinks (or believes) so is he. I didn’t realize that I had a lot of trauma set in from that experience as a child that I never got over which I believe has caused worry and fear in other areas of my life. God wants to heal those broken places in you, that hurt, that trauma that maybe even happened when you were a child and it made a mark on you and spoke lies to you. He wants to speak the truth about you. That you are loved, that you matter, and that He sees you and wants to heal your brokenness. Let Him.

2. There are amazing benefits in these essential oils that I believe He made for this exact purpose.

Rachelle - Essential Zest For LifeI quit my job as a Cosmetologist and now share Young Living Essential Oils full time along side my husband who is looking to quit his job as well because he too wants to share the amazing benefits of Young Living. Our dreams are to help people with our story along with these products. We love being active, staying fit and having a healthy eating lifestyle. Young Living products have been a beautiful fit in our lives and are helping us achieve our goals. We are thankful.
My name is Rachelle. I’m 25 years old. Thanks for listening to my story I hoped you are blessed. I want you to find healing in every area of your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Please share this with those who need it and connect with us at Essential Zest for Life!

30 Days of Red – Day 10

Good Monday to you! It’s day 10 of our Challenge – how are you feeling?!

Fueled: Combat Fatigue & Unlock EnergyLast night we had our webinar, “Fueled: Combat Fatigue & Unlock Energy” and if you missed it, we’d love for you to check it out! We covered Ningxia Red, Nitro and several other wonderful Young Living products and supplements that can get you back in the game and potentially turn your world around. You can check out the recording here.

In the meantime, here are some fantastic stories from some of our team who have been using ‘Ol Red:

“I have 97 percent of the symptoms of fibromyalgia including chronic fatigue. I was drinking at least three Venti Peppermint Mochas per day, and I was still exhausted. I have been working with an EXCELLENT neurologist for three or four years. Prescription medicine did not work on me. I was working two part time jobs. I had to leave my beloved PETCO after five years because of my chronic fatigue. I started using Young Living in May. MY LIFE HAS CHANGED! I use Nitro and NingXia Red every day. I go through about 2 boxes of Nitro a week. My energy levels are almost back to normal. I saw my neurologist yesterday. The doctor said to keep doing what I was doing. I did not have to make a follow up appointment! I thank God for Young Living.” – Jobeth

“I had my third baby in April of this year. I knew (and dreaded) the “newborn mommy fog” I would walk in for the first few weeks and months. Simply drinking an ounce or two of NingXia Red each morning has changed that. There is just no comparison between the foggy, sleepy feeling I had all day every day with my first two babies, and my ability to think clearly and take care of my family this time around. I save my Nitro for the mornings that sleep has been especially scarce the night before, and it always gives me just the boost I need to keep up with my 4 year old and 2 year old while the 3 month old sleeps the morning away!” – Tori

“My husband finally kicked the 3 a day monster habit with a daily 1 oz shot of Ningxa Red. Occasionally when he works a 60 hour week he’ll take 4 oz a day.” – Shawna

“It’s a pregnancy game changer! My morning sickness has been considerably less thanks to Ningxia. A few weeks ago (I’m in the second trimester now) we were going to have dinner a little late… The nausea was coming, I was feeling so out of it, and my blood sugar was rocky. An ounce of Ningxia and a few minutes later, I felt like a new woman. (And my dinner stayed down.)” – Laurel

These are just a handful of stories and we can’t wait to hear how Ningxia Red has helped you!

30 Days of Red – Day 5

Hey guys! How is Ningxia treating you? We are 5 days into our challenge and I thought I’d share a bit about the nutritious value of what we’re enjoying.

Baby Steps to Essential Oils - 30 Days of Red - Ningxia WolfberryDid you know that inside our “Red Juice,” the entire wolfberry fruit is used? Yes, the skin, seed and pulp of the fruit is puree’d and found in this wonderful beverage. Hence, we enjoy the best this fruit has to offer (kind of like making a pilgrimage to that remote Ningxia region and popping a fresh berry or two – without the jet lag).

After studying the fruit, Gary Young summed up his findings:

“With over 15 percent protein by weight and one of the highest vitamin, mineral, and amino acid profiles of any food I have ever encountered, the wolfberry represents a breakthrough in nutritional medicine. It is more than just a berry or an herb; it is a hybrid between a food, vitamin, herb and medicine, a superfood that represents the future of therapeutic nutrition.” Ningxia Wolfberry: the Ultimate Superfood, p. vii

Did you catch that? A “hybrid between a food, vitamin, herb and medicine.” That’s so exciting!

Baby Steps to Essential Oils - Ningxia Red ORACAlso, the ORAC numbers for the wolfberry (and the entire Ningxia Red beverage) are off the charts. “ORAC” has to do with antioxidant levels which are very important where aging, skin health and resistance to diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and macular degeneration are concerned (to name a few). Getting these antioxidants into our system consistently is doing our bodies a huge service.

It is said that “Long-term use of wolfberries may contribute to agility, longevity, and vitality. In fact, recent studies indicate that drinks containing wolfberry exhibit longer-lasting supportive effects on energy and caloric metabolism. NingXia Red is an easy way to get pure, premium Ningxia wolfberries and experience natural, sustained support for energy without the crashes and harmful side effects of coffee or energy drinks.” The sustained energy that Ningxia Red provides is what I find most helpful – I don’t want to feel jittery or crazy and I don’t want to crash and burn after a couple of hours.

Some people have asked about the preservatives in Ningxia Red. With such wonderful raw ingredients in this beverage, it is extremely unstable and must be preserved in some way for us to enjoy it. <h1>Sodium benzoate is naturally occurring in most fruits and vegetables that we eat and Young Living uses a natural mineral source of sodium benzoate in NingXia Red.</h1> The confusion arises in people’s minds because sodium benzoate is also produced synthetically and this type is bad for people to consume. Just like synthetic essential oils are very different than Young living oils, synthetic sodium benzoate is very different than naturally derived sodium benzoate.

Love that Young Living has our nutritional back and that they are mindful of every detail of their products and their impact on our health!
Hope that you’re enjoying the challenge – and don’t forget your water intake!
Baby Steps to Essential Oils - Water Intake

30 Days of Red – Day 1

30 Days of Red - Baby Steps to Essential Oils Ningxia Red Challenge

Welcome to the 30 Days of Red Challenge – we are delighted to have you on board!

For starters, there is no right or wrong way to compete in this challenge – as long as you’re doing your two ounces a day, you can mix it up and do one ounce in the morning, one during an afternoon slump, or two in the morning all at once (I usually will do another one or two ounces in the afternoon if I’m dragging – and doing more Ningxia Red is ok)!

30-days-of-red-august-calendar Do you have your Calendar printed? If not, you can snag it HERE. You’ll be using this calendar to jot down how you feel or anything noticeable that you would like to remember (and your photo of your completed calendar gets you in the drawing for a fun prize at the end)! Some people will notice an immediate boost in energy, for others it may take some time. Each of our bodies are different – we have all lived very different and unique lives, filled with our unique challenges and we will all respond in our own way to the wonderful nutritive powerhouse that Ningxia Red provides.

30 Days of Red - Ningxia Red Challenge

And don’t forget H2O – your water intake will be very important as well!

Our goal will be 64 ounces – and, of course, this doesn’t include anything but good ‘ol, purified water (not even sweet tea, y’all)! However, you can add all of the oils you like to your water – we are big fans of Citrus Fresh over here (along with Grapefruit+Orange).

We will check in every few days with some encouraging stories or tips and would love to hear how you’re doing! We will also be offering some fun prizes for your Red photos throughout the challenge! If you post pics or write a post, tag them with #30daysofred and #babystepsteam and we can all see how Red is rocking our world together! Here is a thumbnail pic for your Facebook page – load it up and create some buzz!

Bottom’s up!

Courtney, Callie & the Baby Steps Team