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Lavender – The Swiss Army Knife of Oils

Baby Steps to Essential Oils - Instagram GiveawayKnown as the gentle giant who can do it all, when in doubt, oilers use lavender. But oilers also know that there is a whole lot of imposture lavender out there parading about as the real thing. That’s why you need a trusted company like Young Living with over 20 years of reputation for being the best and the purest in the industry. For the young and old and everyone in between, “wavender” fixes our booboos, calms our anxiety, soothes our burns, and stops our allergies in their tracks. Every household should have several bottles of this oil lying around. You don’t have one yet? Head over to Instagram and follow @babystepstoessentialoils to get in on our TEN DAY Everyday Oil Giveaway going on right now, April 7-16, 2014. You won’t want to miss a chance each day to win a 5 ml bottle of one of our favorite Everyday Oils. Want more information on how we use these oils? Check out our intro to oils webinar. Don’t want to wait for a free oil? Order your Everyday Oils now.Baby Steps to Essential Oils - Young Living Essential Oils - Lavender

Young Living Essential Oils – March Promo

Free oils! Free voucher! Free face masks! Sorry, I got a little excited. I like promos. March is a good one, y’all!

First, if your order is at least 190 PV, you receive two 15ml bottles of oil. That’s a $50.75 wholesale value! Basil has traditionally been used to treat migraines and chest infections and has also been known to fight mental fatigue. Melaleuca Alternifolia is what many often refer to as “tea tree oil.” This oil is the most popular of the varieties of melaleuca that Young Living offers, and is highly regarded for its germ-fighting and antifungal properties. Infections don’t like these oils. People do.

Then, if you ramp up that order to 250 PV because you desperately need to stock up on Purification and peppermint oils to make this before spring bugs arrive, you will get those first two oils and will also receive a $20 voucher to give to a friend so he or she can sign up under you and get started using oils! This benefits your friend making his/her starter kit an even BETTER deal than it already is, AND it benefits you because Young Living offers some incredible bonuses and commissions to those who share their phenomenal products. (TIP: you and your friend want to be on the Baby Steps team! We are well over 1,000 strong, having a blast, learning so much together, and we are seeing lives changed physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. We want you with us!)

Finally, since you know that you need some Ningxia Red (energy-giving nectar), you can ramp that baby up to 300 PV and receive everything mentioned above PLUS an 8-pack of the ART beauty masque! You can have a spa party! Or you can hoard them all for yourself and we won’t tell a soul. But your awesomely smooth, young-looking face may give you away.

Don’t miss this!

Baby Steps to Essential Oils - Young Living March 2014 Promo

Young Living Essential Oils – January Promo

baby-steps-to-essential-january-promoWe’re big fans of the monthly Young Living promo. Since I have the extremely delightful simplicity of ordering all of my family’s health care, personal care, supplements, and more from one place and having it show up on my doorstep, I REALLY find it amazing that when I order a certain amount of PV that box full of our needed items also includes FREE items! This has been a great way for my family to try new oils we haven’t ordered before or to get old favorites replaced. Free. On my doorstep. Just making sure you heard that part. (Secret fact: sometimes the promo is SO good that after I place my Essential Rewards order, I order again to get the promo twice. Okay, I might have done it three times during the frankincense promo. You can do it up to FIVE times per month!)

I’m crazy excited about January’s promo. If you were concerned that it was time to settle for post-holiday blah’s. Nope. It’s not. It’s the new year! 2014! The year of healing and change and new beginnings, right? So if your order is at least 190 PV this month, you are going to receive a 15 ml bottle of lavender and a 5 ml bottle of Idaho balsam fir. Every single person should have these two oils in their home. And car. And first aid kit. And purse. You get the picture. Get some.

Young Living Lavender FieldLavender is wonderful for cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises, acne, allergies, relaxation, sleep, headaches, diaper rashes, cradle cap, and more have been sent packing by this gentle giant in our home. When in doubt, this is that swiss army knife of oils that seems to be good for just about anything you put it on. I love that you can even go visit and help with the lavender harvest to see the growing, harvesting, and distillation processes of this oil! Young Living is the only company I know of where that is possible.

I think Idaho balsam fir might just fix whatever lavender can’t.:)When inflammation sees this oil, it screams. I’ve heard it. Autoimmune issues, joint pain, IBS, respiratory irritation, scoliosis, rheumatism, on and on and on. I’ve seen some truly awesome results from this heavenly smelling oil. It smells like you chopped down a Christmas tree and put it in a bottle. Wait…I guess they did. We seem to live in a society that is inflammation ridden. We all could use a bit of this calming influence. I just want to go smell my balsam fir again now.

idaho-balsam-firWith an order of at least 250 PV, you also receive a $15 credit to your account (yay! more oils!), and with an order of 300 PV you get an extra 10% in Essential Rewards points! Oh, happy day! That means for those of us who have been on Essential Rewards for over a year, we will get 30% of our ER order back in points to be used for free products. This is the month to stock up, friends! Start thinking ahead to what you will need in the months ahead. This company is making a quality product. Sometimes that means waiting on plants to grow, and waiting for prime harvest times, and proper distillation processes. Everything will not always be in stock right when you want it when it comes to real products. The same way my chicken farmer has more or less of an egg supply during different seasons, a true, quality, uncompromised essential oil company will have ebb and flow to what is available, especially as demand increases. It is important for us to think ahead! Don’t think only of what you are already out of but of what you usually need in January, February and March. Colds, coughs, skiing injuries, cold weather triggered joint pain, spring allergies rearing their heads. Get ahead with your monthly orders and have what you need on hand and a little extra to share whenever possible.

Wait, did you just say you’re not on Essential Rewards? Horrors! Friend, you need to fix that problem.

Arm yourself. Get out your oils. Take stock. Think through what your family is facing, and prepare yourself. January is the month to stock up!

Whipped Essential Body Butter

Baby Steps to Essential Oils - DIY Whipped Body Butter

So, I am not a crafty person. I am only on casual speaking terms with most DIY projects.

I’m a big fan of products made the way I like them that I can purchase.:)But, I do like the feeling of being creative and attempting something on my own…every once in a while. So, before you ignore this post and say, “I would totally ruin this.” No, you wouldn’t! To be sure it was SUPER easy, I had my 7 year old do all the steps. Now, she is kind of like a sweet Martha Stewart in a tiny body, but she is also still 7. She had a blast, and she loves using this body butter. My youngest daughter also loves using it, except she pretty much just wants to eat it. But hey, that’s safe when you make something like this! There’s nothing in it that could harm her. What we put on our skin soaks into our bodies, and we must be careful that it’s only of the highest quality so we aren’t adding to our toxic load. This, is a terrific, luxurious option. Plus, there is a ton of room for personalization and playing with your options.
Many of the body butters you will find suggest melting shea butter. I love the simplicity of this recipe because you don’t deal with the mess and complication of melting. Just a bit of whipping, and you have a texture so delightful, you will want to swim in it. I’m not kidding. I sat there fighting the desire to just play in this velvety stuff. You also know that you aren’t harming the ingredients in any way by exposing them to higher temperatures. Play with it! Have fun! And then revel in the way it gets rid of all that winter dryness and chapped skin.

And check out these fun, FREE printable labels for you finished product!

- Courtney (for all non-crafty people everywhere)

You need:

  • 4 oz. unrefined shea butter ( you could also play with cocoa butter in the recipe and get that chocolate aroma, would be fabulous with peppermint)
  • 4 oz. coconut oil (basically equal parts shea and base oil like coconut or olive, however you want to measure it)
  • 10-20 drops essential oil (unrefined shea butter has an earthy aroma of its own that would mix well with myrrh, frankincense, and other oils known to be beneficial for the skin. Lighter scented oils will be more masked.
  • mixing bowl
  • electric mixer
  • glass container(s) for storage, I used a mason jar

Steps for making whipped body butter:

  1. Before you start, make sure your unrefined shea butter is room temperature. Put your shea butter in a bowl and mash it with a fork.
  2. Add coconut oil and mash it a little bit more.
  3. Put the mixture into the mixing bowl. Mix it on a high speed with electric mixer for approximately 5 minutes.
  4. Add chosen essential oil(s) and mix for a few minutes to blend it with your whipped cream.Believe it or not, this is it!
  5. Put whipped butter in a clean container and close it. Keep it in a dry, dark and cool place. Room temperature is fine.

Measuring out her shea butter


Mash away, mash away, mash away, all! (Sorry, too many cheesy Christmas movies for me this season.)


Coconut oil. Our Costco has a great price on a big container of good coconut oil!


Dropping in the oil. The smell won’t be extremely strong over the scent of the shea butter, but you still get that delightful hint!


Don’t you want to swim in it? I want to swim in it! Luxurious!

Baby Steps to Essential Oils – Addressing Emotions and Depression with Young Living Essential Oils

Baby Steps to Essential Oils - Addressing Emotions and Depression with Young Living Essential Oils

Do you or someone you love struggle emotionally?

Essential oils are quickly becoming a wonderful resource for battling devastating emotions and depression. Wherever you are on your health journey, this information could be another piece of the puzzle! Special thanks to Carissa Sherman for all of her work in this area and for compiling this information:

1. The root cause of the depression and anxiety can help you personalize your oil routine. Consistently inhaling oil is very beneficial, because when you inhale, the oil is directly impacting the limbic center of your brain where you process emotions/stress.

2. Valor is the first thing to try. It is especially useful for general anxiety and fears, even after they have developed into panic attacks, phobias, etc. Put it on frequently.

3. Joy is an incredible oil for depression that is causing feelings of hopelessness, darkness, lack of vision for the next moment/future, debilitating sadness, a definite go-to in cases of suicidal thoughts.

4. Frankincense. This oil is excellent for cultivating a “sound mind.” It can spark creative imagination, which if disciplined to stay away from fear, the imagination can be completely fundamental in healing from depression! Use your creative thought! Frankincense truly changes body chemistry. I know they all do…but Frankincense is awesome. It is in several emotional oils.Baby Steps to Essential Oils - Addressing Emotions and Depression with Young Living Essential Oils

5. White Angelica is helpful for people who really struggle with taking on burdens for others, taking offense for others, feeling stressed because of awareness of others’ emotions all the time, “mercy” people, etc. This can most definitely result in anxiety and lack of sleep, and lack of sleep often is a breeding ground for depression. Feel free to call this oil “Carissa’s oil.”

6. The citrus oils are inexpensive, and ALL of them are great for anxiety and depression, and also attention disorders. I love diffusing tangerine, it is so uplifting! You’ll notice that a couple of the big “stress” oils have citruses in them, like Peace & Calming and Stress Away, (two of my personal favorites).

7. There is an entire grouping of what you might hear called the “Feelings” oils, or “emotional” oils. This is not because they are not useful for physical issues, like if you look at the ingredients they have oils in them that are suggested for every kind of physical ailment…it’s just that those combinations are synergistic emotionally. Just as each single oil has an affinity for a certain part or system of the body, they also have emotional affinity. Those blends have been researched and formulated to have the strongest affinity possible. Try any of the feelings oils that you want, and KEEP trying them!

8. The frequency of the oil can be affected by how have positioned your thoughts as you use the oil, and we have all seen the science recently behind frequency and disease. Don’t open the bottle until you’ve taken a moment to be grateful. This will actually INCREASE the frequency! Which is what we want! Higher frequency = less terrain for disease.

9. There is a book called “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils” that is really awesome. I highly suggest exploring its pages. It can help you find specific oils to use, AND tell you where the best place to put them is, because there are alarm points on the body for emotions.

Baby Steps to Essential Oils - Addressing Emotions and Depression with Young Living Essential OilsIf you’re still reading, know that my passion is for women to be freed from the things that prevent us from truly receiving love from the one true source. The greatest capacity for loving others comes when I learn how to BE loved. This is not selfishness, it is freedom so that I can give to others regardless of their response.

Of all the interesting things I have heard of, learned about, tried, or come across, the oils are hands down the safest, the most effective, and simplest modality for this, because they address the physical/emotional/spiritual with no toxicity or side effects.

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’d love to talk with you, and I am already in prayer for you.

Baby Steps to Essential Oils - Carissa Sherman, N.D.Dr. Carissa Sherman, N.D.