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Earache Remedy with Young Living Essential Oils

Any parent dreads having a child wake up miserable with an ear infection. It seems to always happen at the worst times when there is little help available. When you do go for help, it is often only to be handed an antibiotic, which might kill infection, but will also do absolutely nothing to address the fluid buildup causing the pain. Over recent years many doctors have completely changed their stance on prescribing antibiotics for earaches, knowing that the child is likely to heal at the same pace with or without the medication. Antibiotics also work to create imbalance in the gut, destroying the good flora and leaving the immune system compromised and the body more susceptible to the next disease. While ear pain is most common in children, each of these tips applies to the adult facing an earache as well.

Consider trying:

  • Lavender and Melrose or Purification rubbed around the outside of the ear and down the side of the neck. Lavender helps to encourage the fluid to drain that is causing the discomfort and to reduce the congestion. Melrose or Purification work to kill any infection that would try to take hold in the ear. Use the oils often. Every fifteen minutes while symptoms are acute. Then reducing to every half hour and every hour. Finally, I keep using them a few times a day until all signs of the problem are gone.
  • Thieves, frankincense, or ImmuPower on the bottoms of feet to boost immune system and kill infection.
  • Deep Relief Roll-On, copaiba, an/ or Panaway can be applied around the outside of the ear for pain relief.
  • Clove is excellent for swimmer’s ear due to its strong antimicrobial, antifungal, anesthetic, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Swab cheeks with lavender if congestion is present from allergies. Rub peppermint on feet if child seems stopped up or have child breathe from the bottle. Keep peppermint away from the face of a baby or child since it is hot. Lemon oil sipped in water or rubbed on chest, diluted can also reduce mucous. Do not expose skin to the sun for 24 hours after applying lemon topically. It can cause temporary dark spots. Diffusing RC, Raven or other oils helpful for congestion could also speed recovery.
  • Consider cutting dairy from the child’s diet (or the mom’s if breastfeeding). Dairy is a significant contributor to mucous build-up and a dairy allergy or intolerance is common in children with recurring ear infections.
  • Chiropractic care by a chiropractor trained to work with children can be very beneficial in helping the ears to drain properly.
  • My family has used Dr. Block’s techniques for draining ears for years with great success. I highly recommend her book and video for someone suffering through recurring ear problems or even the occasional earache. Her resources are also available on Amazon.

“Last night my daughter woke up around midnight crying because her ear was hurting. Before oils this would have been one of those horrible moments where you knew she was in for many hours of pain before the drainage cleared and her ears were unblocked. I grabbed my oils, used most of the tips listed here, prayed over her, and continued to rub her ears and layer oils for several minutes. After about twenty minutes, I propped her up on a pillow and hoped we could get some sleep. One minute she was crying and the next she said, “Mom, my ears are popping!” She continued to feel some popping as they opened up, slept through the night, and is in perfect shape today. This, friends, is why we love our oils!”

Baby Steps to Essential Oils - Earache Recommendation