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Hand Foot & Mouth Disease Remedy with Young Living Essential Oil

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease is a highly contagious virus that seems to be making the rounds this summer. It can include a rash, fever, and sores on the hands, feet, and other areas. There is a long incubation period and the virus can be passed in the stool after all the symptoms are gone so lots of hand washing is in order when anyone in the family has this illness!

One of my favorite properties of the oils is that so many of them are antiviral.

With natural alternatives, you no longer have to sit by and “wait out” a virus! You can build your immune system, support your body, and give it antiviral oils working overtime to kick that little bugger out. The more you have worked to support your body before an illness, the better results you will see. A body in a depleted state will fight harder, but a strong, nourished system will be a warrior!

Consider Trying:

  • Apply Thieves or Purification (or rotate) to the bottoms of the feet and spine several times a day.
  • Frankincense and ImmuPower applied to the bottoms of the feet can also assist in boosting the immune system.
  • Drinking Ningxia Red gives your body that extra antioxidant, immune-building boost whenever sickness has invaded.
  • Don’t forget to oil up other family members or diffuse immune building oils such as Thieves to shorten the duration of your invasion.

Baby Steps to Essential Oils - Hand Foot & Mouth Disease Remedy with Young Living