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ADD, Autism & Spectrum Disorders

Baby Steps to Essential Oils - ADHDWith the staggering rise in ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorders, sensory processing disorders, spectrum disorders, and a whole host of challenges facing adults and children today, it’s no wonder that it can seem overwhelming to find help. You can find someone’s support for any stance you want to take on nutrition, medications, supplementation, and other treatments. In recent years we have more understanding of possible mineral deficiencies, food intolerances, and many other factors at play and yet we still struggle through the opinons waging war around us. We struggle to eat correctly, avoid all the additives bombarding us, heal our compromised guts, and cleanse the toxins that sneak in from every side. Meanwhile, our kids could use our help, without giving them a medication that alters their personalities and creates a ripple of new health issues for their bodies to fight. Below are a few of the heavyweight oils when it comes to calming, grounding, and stabilizing the mental, emotional, and physical energies of the body. No risk of side effects. Just the potential of giving our children a leg up as they work their way through all that their bodies are struggling to process.


  • If you can use one oil for helping a child to deal more effectively with incoming stimuli, this is the one. Research has shown it to be highly effective in children with ADD/ADHD/Autism, anxiety disorders, and more.
  • Apply to bottoms of feet or on the back of the neck.


  • I’m telling you, this oil does the work of an army. Once again, lavender comes in to relax, calm, and heal with the best of them.
  • Diffuse, put on the bottoms of feet, apply to temples, inhale from cupped hands.


  • Calming, purifying, and cleansing, cedarwood is able to assist the body in resetting brain patterns, basically creating new roads through which to process and healing the frayed wires causing the sparks when receiving incoming information. 
  • Diffuse, put on the bottoms of feet, apply to the back of the neck.

Peace & Calming

  • The master of rest and relaxation, Peace & Calming assists the body in releasing negative emotion. The brain doesn’t store our emotions, they are stored in different organs throughout the body, over time causing clogs and back ups and creating disease and toxic waste in our liver, kidneys, intestines, and other areas. Aiding our body in the release of those emotions help us to relax and reduces strain on the cleansing systems.
  • Diffuse, inhale from cupped hands, apply to bottoms of feet, apply over heart.

Brain Power

  • This oil and its potential really amazes me. It increases activity in the limbic system of the brain, cleanses receptors to clear brain fog, and promotes the ability to concentrate. Containing some of the most precious and powerful oils, it is rich in sesquiterpene compounds, relaxing, and mentally nourishing. Almost like a wash and wax for the brain. Who doesn’t need that kind of help? Sign me up.
  • Diffuse, inhale from cupped hands, apply to bottoms of feet, especially the big toe, apply to the back of neck